6000 Hats for Sailors
6,000 HATS - The Hats for Sailors (HFS) Ravelry group is appealing for your help to make 6,000 hats. You will be entered into a drawing for the prizes listed below by the group coordinator. Receive one entry into the drawing per donated hat. Drawing to be done by Hats for Sailors Ravelry Group in late November.

We knit and crochet hats each year to be gifted to one or more selected U.S. Navy or Coast Guard vessel(s). In addition to members of Ravelry, there are knitters and crocheters across the country. We usually manage to make about 1,000 hats each year, enough to provide hats for all personnel on one or two ships. This is a real morale booster for our service men and women who are serving away from home and family. The hats are delivered to the ships during the winter holidays.

Recently the group received a request for hats for a REALLY BIG SHIP, a super carrier that has more than 6,000 personnel. YIKES! Although we may not be able to make all those hats, we hope to collect many more than we usually do. We are reaching out to friends and family and other generous fiber folk who are willing to make at least one or two hats to help bolster the number of hats. The deadline for mailing the hats is November 12, 2021.

Adult size hats may be knit or crochet (includes knitting machines/looms) but must be made using 100% wool (superwash preferred). The wool requirement is for the safety of the wearer. Wool does not melt in event of fire. The pattern or color is your choice.

Please feel free to attach a little note of thanks, encouragement or fellowship to the sailor. Also, if your hat is not made with 100% superwash wool, indicate on the tag that the hat has to be washed by hand.

Please do not send your hats to Handsome Fibers but to the address below, thank you!

Hats must be mailed on or before November 12th, 2021, to:

Hats for Sailors
P.O. Box 970
Aptos, CA 95001-0970

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

The deadline gives the HFS coordinator time to sort, organize and re-package for shipping. As you might imagine, the process to get the hats to the ship is lengthy. If you wish to receive confirmation that your package is received by the HFS coordinator, include your email address or Ravelry ID in your package. HFS will need this information too to enter you into their drawing for the prizes listed below.

If you are posting your hat to social media, please use the hashtag #HFS2021carrier.

For more information, check out the HFS website: http://www.hatsforsailors.com/news.html.

And, of course, you are welcome to join in on discussions with the HFS group on Ravelry

List of prizes donated by Handsome Fibers to the HFS Ravelry Group:

ChiaoGoo Shorties Red (US 0 - US 3) Interchangeable Set (1 winner)
ChiaoGoo Shorties Blue (US 4 - US 8) Interchangeable Set (1 winner)
ChiaoGoo Yarn Butler (1 winner)
ChiaoGoo 6 inch Stainless Steel DPN set (1 winner)
Knitter's Pride Mindful Explore 10 inch Circular Set (1 winner)
Knitter's Pride Mindful Tote Bag (1 winner)
Knitter's Pride Twin Circular Bags (1 winner)
Knitter's Pride Mindful Project Bag (1 winner)
Knitter's Pride Dreamz Deluxe Set (1 winner)
Knitter's Pride Ginger 16" Special Interchangeable Set (1 winner)
Knitter's Pride ZING Special 16 inch Interchangeable set (1 winner)
LYKKE Grove Bamboo (Green case) 3.5 inch Interchangeable Set (1 winner)
Addi Click SQUARE Long Tip Interchangeable Set (1 winner)
Handsome Fibers Sock Blockers (2 winners) Choice of Cherry or Maple
Handsome Fibers Sole Sock Ruler Gauge (5 winners) Choice of Cherry or Maple

Thank you for your support from Handsome Fibers!