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Cable illustration only!

ChiaoGoo 5 and 6 inch MINI (M) Twist Cables

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ChiaoGoo 5 and 6 inch Mini Twist Cables
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ChiaoGoo Twist Mini Cables - New 5" (13cm) and 6" (15cm) Twist Mini red cables.

The ChiaoGoo TWIST interchangeable mini cables are the same red, nylon-coated, multi-strand steel from their RED Lace line.

Measurements without Tips (packages are labeled with length of cable only):

5" (13 cm) = 9" circular with 2" Shortie tips attached.
6" (15 cm) = 10" circular with 2" Shortie tips attached.
5" (13 cm) = 11" circular with 3" Shortie tips attached.
6" (15 cm) = 12" circular with 3" Shortie tips attached.

Plus many more combinations can be made by using 2 and 3 inch tips together.

Important Note:

Please Note: ONLY compatible with the TWIST MINI cables, MINI stoppers, MINI connectors, and MINI keys. MINI tips, cables and accessories are not compatible with ChiaoGoo [S] and [L] sized interchangeable parts & pieces. These will also work with the new ChiaoGoo Twist Shortie tips up to a US-3.

One cable and cable key per package. Price is per package.

Available Now and sold separately: ChiaoGoo Mini IC cable adapters that allow knitters to go from an [S] TWIST/SPIN tip (US sizes 2 - 8 / 2.75-5mm) to a MINI Twist cable. Two adapters per package. See store listing.

Not compatible with Knitter's Pride products.

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