BLUE X-Flex (S) Join Cable
BLUE X-Flex (S) Join Cable

ChiaoGoo 5-6-8 inch BLUE X-Flex (Extra Flexible) (S) Join Cables

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BLUE X-Flex ChiaoGoo 5 and 6 inch Twist (S) Cable Waiting List
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ChiaoGoo Blue X-Flex (Extra Flexible) (S) Small join Interchangeable Cables

Blue, extra-flexible, memory-free, nylon-coated, multi-strand steel cable. Similar to the red Twist cables but more flexible.

X-Flex Blue cables available individually in the following lengths:

5" (13cm), 6" (15cm) and 8" (20cm) (approximate lengths). The Blue portion of the cable is approximately a half inch longer to account for the larger US sizes of 2 and 3 inch Shortie tips. The cable measurement doesn't include the connectors (joins) of the cable.

Compatible with ChiaoGoo interchangeable tip sizes US-2 through US-8 (S) Small Join.

Each length sold separately, 1 cable and 1 cable key per package.

Not compatible with Knitter's Pride products.

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