ChiaoGoo TWIST 5 inch (13 cm) Mini Interchangeable Knitting Set (US 000 - 1.5)

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ChiaoGoo TWIST 5 inch (13 cm) Mini Interchangeable Knitting Set (US 000 - 1.5)

Set includes five pairs of 5 inch (13cm) Mini, surgical-grade, stainless steel, lace tips and three MINI TWIST red cable lengths to make 24 inch (60cm), 32 inch (80cm) and 40 inch (100cm) circulars. The MINI set also includes a needle gauge and MINI Tools Kit that contains the following: MINI cable connectors (2), MINI end stoppers (2), MINI T-shaped tightening keys (2), stitch markers (6) and a heart-shaped rubber gripper with an extra-sticky back.  The set comes in a compact, 2-pocket, black mesh pouch that fits easily into the current ChiaoGoo interchangeable case.  A sleeve with labeled pockets is also included to hold the MINI tips.  Pouch dimensions are approximately 6 1/2" x 5" (17cm x 13cm).

  • 5 pairs of 5 inch (13 cm) MINI tips in sizes US 000 (1.5mm), 00 (1.75mm), 0 (2mm), 1 (2.25mm), and 1.5 (2.5mm).
  • 3 Twist MINI cables measuring 14", 22", and 30" to make circulars of 24" (60cm), 32" (80cm), and 40"(100cm).
  • 2 MINI cable connectors
  • 2 MINI end stoppers
  • 2 MINI cord keys
  • 6 stitch markers
  • 1 rubber gripper
  • 1 needle gauge
  • Packaged in a black mesh pouch
Please Note: ONLY compatible with the TWIST MINI cables, MINI stoppers, MINI connectors, and MINI keys. MINI tips, cables and accessories are not compatible with ChiaoGoo [S] and [L] sized interchangeable parts & pieces.

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