ChiaoGoo TWIST MINI 5 inch (13 cm) IC Tips

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ChiaoGoo TWIST MINI 5 inch (13 cm) IC Tips
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The ChiaoGoo TWIST interchangeable 5 inch MINI tips are the same stainless steel RED Lace needles that you know and love. Featuring sharp, long tapered tips and smooth joins that make intricate knitting easy.

The size is laser imprinted on each tip and the cables are the same red, multi-strand steel cable that everyone has come to love.

Recommend purchasing separately the new ChiaoGoo Rubber Grippers to help secure your tips to these new tips. Rubber Grippers available for purchase in our store under the category "Knitting Tools".

Please Note: ONLY compatible with the TWIST MINI cables, MINI stoppers, MINI connectors, and MINI keys. MINI tips, cables and accessories are not compatible with ChiaoGoo [S] and [L] sized interchangeable parts & pieces.

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