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ChiaoGoo TWIST Shorties Red Lace Interchangeable Knitting Set

ChiaoGoo TWIST Shorties Red Lace Interchangeable Knitting Set

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  • Please join our waiting list for the sets and combo packs! You'll be notified once they arrive! Sometime in later May!
ChiaoGoo's New TWIST "SHORTIES" - Short Red lace Interchangeables

Please join our waiting list above for both the set and/or combo packs. You'll be notified as soon as they arrive. Sometime in later May! Thank you.

An awesome interchangeable system containing both 2” and 3” (5cm & 8cm) tips allowing knitters to make short circulars 9” through 14" (23cm - 36cm) long, including differential circulars. 

This SHORTIES Set includes:

• 12 different sets of stainless steel lace tips in sizes US0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 (2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3 and 3.25mm)

• Tip sleeve with labeled pockets and snap closure that securely holds all tips

• Three different MINI-diameter cable lengths - 5", 6" & 8" (13cm, 15cm & 30cm)

• End stoppers, stitch markers, a mini needle gauge (not shown but it's so cute!) and tightening keys

• Compact, red nylon, zippered case approximately 4 3/4" x 3 7/8" (120cm x 10cm) 

Features include:

• Solid, surgical stainless steel tips.

• Two tightening holes for a secure connection.

• All tips have the MINI diameter connection.

• Same MINI-diameter flexible, memory-free red cables you all know and love.

• Nine different cable/tip combinations allowing you to make 9" through 14" (23cm - 36cm) circulars (including differential circulars)!

SHORT COMBO PACKS will be sold individually per US size. Please join the shorties set waiting list above, you'll be notified by email when the combo packs and sets arrive.

Retail price $22.00 (USD) per pack will also be available for separate purchase.  They will contain one size of both length tips plus one 5" (13cm) and one 6" (15cm) cable as well as tightening keys.

While the Shorties set only includes tip sizes US-0 through US-3 (2 - 3.25mm) these Shortie tip Combo Packs (sold separately) will be available in sizes US-000 through US-8 (1.5 - 5mm). Sizes US-000 through US-3 Combo Packs (sold separately) available in May. Sizes US-4 through US-8 Combo Packs (sold separately) are available late 2018.

New 5" (13cm) and 6" (15cm) Twist Red cables also available for individual purchase.

Note:  This new system of TWIST interchangeables is slightly different where tip sizes up to US-3 (3.25mm) have a MINI diameter join.  Tip sizes 4 (3.5mm) and larger have the small [S] diameter join.

New 5" and 6" BLUE small [S] diameter cables are going to be "X-Flex" or EXTRA FLEXIBLE!! These are available late 2018.

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