ChiaoGoo Twist US-4 thru US-8 Shorties Combo Packs (S) Join Tips

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ChiaoGoo TWIST Shorties Combo Packs US 4 thru US 8 (S) Small Join

Sizes available:

US-4  (3.50 mm)
US-5  (3.75 mm)
US-6  (4.00 mm)
US-7  (4.50 mm)
US-8  (5.00 mm)

Each TWIST Shortie Combo packs contains:

One pair of 2" (5 cm) set of tips (S) Join
One pair of 3" (8 cm) set of tips (S) Join
Two BLUE Flex-X (S) cables, one 5 inch and one 6 inch allowing knitters to make 9" (23 cm) – 12" (31 cm) circulars.

Blue, extra-flexible, memory-free, nylon-coated, multi-strand steel cable. Similar to the red Twist cables but more flexible.

The 2" (5cm) tips are solid stainless steel with an extra tightening hole and the 3" (8cm) are hollow stainless steel (S or small join).

Note:  This new system of TWIST interchangeables is slightly different where tip sizes up to US-3 (3.25mm) have a MINI diameter join.  Tip sizes 4 (3.5mm) and larger have the small (S) diameter join.

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