KA Bamboo - 9.5" Bamboo Circular - Asymmetric Differential Length Needles

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KA Bamboo - 9.5" Circular Knitting Needles- Asymmetric Differential Length Needles

These exclusive original 9.5" Asymmetric Circular Needles were developed for use with sock yarn, and are available in diameters from US 0 to US 10 (2.00mm to 6.00mm).

Asymmetric Circular Needles have a short needle and a long needle, one needle is one centimeter shorter than the other. The needle tips swivel at the join of the cable.

One of the tips is approximately 2 inches from the tip to the join of the cord. The other tip is approximately 2-3/8 inches from the tip to the join of the cord.

Put the stitches on the short needle and work through with the long needle.

Since the moving needle is longer it is easier to hold, making these suited for small circular projects (such as socks).

KA Classic Bamboo 9.5" Circular Needles are made from select Japanese bamboo giving them a lightweight and warm feeling.

With a satin smooth finish these durable quality knitting needles becomes even smoother with the passing of time and use.

Manufactured in Japan.

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