Knitters Pride Black Row Counter Rings

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Knitters Pride Row Counter Rings
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Knitters Pride Black Row Counter Rings

One Row Counter Ring per package. Each size sold separately.

Made from high quality Stainless Steel - coated using special technology.


Right at your finger to track your knitting pattern.

Available in four most popular sizes

How to Use:

Ideally to be worn on index finger or thumb.

Push the required number band towards the center for easy rotation.

You can have a jewelry store measure your ring size or if you have a flexible tape measure you can measure your finger that you will using the ring on yourself.

Note: Customers have been telling us that these sizes have been running smaller. Please select the next size up if your measurement is close to the inside diameter of the rings below.

Available sizes (each sold separately):

Size 7 (17.3mm - Inside Diameter) More arriving soon!
Size 8 (18.2mm - Inside Diameter)
Size 9 (19.0mm - Inside Diameter)
Size 10 (19.8mm - Inside Diameter)
Size 11 (20.6mm - Inside Diameter)
Size 12 (21.4mm - Inside Diameter)


Packed in clear cello pouch.

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