Natural Hues - Cherry Berry
Natural Hues - Cherry Berry

Magnetic Knitter's Necklace Kit - Knitter's Pride

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DIY Knit-cessories - Turbo Circular Necklace Tips Addi-Skacel
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Magnetic Knitter's Necklace Kit - Knitter's Pride

Elegance combined with Innovation!
Innovative design – First of its kind in the world! Jewellery for Knitters!
No more losing cord needles & stitch markers – find these on your pendant.
Cord needles & stitch markers with magnet adhesion properties.

Available in Natural Hues and Cherry Berry. See photos. Each Color sold separately.


Magnetic Knitter’s Necklace
20 Stitch Markers (5 each of 4 types)
Fabric pouch
3 Cord Needles
Center Scoop - 2.50mm
“J” Hook - 3.00mm
Double Pointed - 3.50mm

WARNING: Magnets can have dangerous effect on medical devices and/or implants such as pacemakers. So always keep the Magnetic Knitters Necklace away from such implants or other magnet sensitive devices.

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