Round Natural Bamboo Coasters
Round Natural Bamboo Coasters

Love Knitting Bamboo Round Cup Coasters

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Handsome Fibers Natural Bamboo Round Cup Coasters

Beautiful bamboo Eco-friendly (sustainable wood) round cup coasters. These natural bamboo round cup coasters are laser engraved in our shop and hand-finished.

These natural bamboo round cup coasters will make a nice addition to your kitchen or as a display anywhere in your home. Your crafty friends will love these as a gift too!

(4) Round Coasters and Coaster Holder Included

Diameter 3.75" - Thickness .33"


Due to the nature of laser engraving and the natural bamboo material, the coloration of the engraved image may have slight variations throughout the image. Some areas of the engraved image may appear slightly darker or lighter depending upon the pattern in the image.

The lightness and darkness of the grain varies based on each individual coaster. Bamboo coasters are multiple slats bonded together (for example like a hardwood floor) Each slat has a different hardness and may engrave darker or lighter depending upon that hardness which makes each coaster unique. The coasters you receive may vary from the product photo for this listing. See photos.

We have applied 3 coats of food grade butcher block conditioner and hand-rubbed for a nice finish.

Care: Hand Wash Only with mild soap and water. Use food grade wood conditioner with regular use.

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