ChiaoGoo Flexible Double Point Needles
ChiaoGoo Flexible Double Point Needles - Each size sold separately.

We have combined these products together here at Handsome Fibers (not offered or put together by ChiaoGoo). Each set size sold separately. You will receive (3) pairs (6 tips total) of the ChiaoGoo 3 inch stainless steel tips and one pack of (3) 2 inch cables. See our description below. You will need to assemble these tips and cables together once you receive them. You will be able to make (3) flexible dpns.

You will receive the following depending upon the size selected (each size sold separately):

Tips - 3 packs for a total of 6 tips in the 3" (8 cm) stainless steel twist tips. These tips are hollow, surgical stainless steel.

(1) Pack of 3 Red MINI Twist 2" cables included when ordering sizes US-000 through US-3 (M) join.

(1) Pack of 3 Blue X-Flex Twist 2" cables included when ordering sizes US-4 through US-8 (S) join.

ChiaoGoo Flexible Double Point Needles available in sizes (each size sold separately):

US-000  (1.50 mm) (M) Mini Join
US-00  (1.75 mm) (M) Mini Join
US-0  (2.00 mm) (M) Mini Join
US-1  (2.25 mm) (M) Mini Join
US-1.5  (2.50 mm) (M) Mini Join
US-2  (2.75 mm) (M) Mini Join
US-2.5  (3.00 mm) (M) Mini Join
US-3  (3.25 mm) (M) Mini Join
US-4  (3.50 mm) (S) Small Join
US-5  (3.75 mm) (S) Small Join
US-6  (4.00 mm) (S) Small Join
US-7  (4.50 mm) (S) Small Join
US-8  (5.00 mm) (S) Small Join

Note:  Tip sizes US-000 up to US-3 (3.25mm) have a MINI (M) diameter join.  Tip sizes US-4 (3.5mm) through US-8 have the small [S] diameter join. Also available for purchase separately are the 3 inch stainless steel twist tips and the 2 inch cables. These are located in our store category "ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties".