ChiaoGoo 2022 New Products


ChiaoGoo is excited to be launching a few new products at h+h Americas show in June.

Please Note: There is no pricing information or pre-ordering available at this time. Stay tuned for updates!

Premiering at the show are the following:

- Next generation interchangeable cable, named SWIV360™. Available early summer.

- Special Edition Forté™ stainless steel & African Blackwood interchangeable set. Available late fall towards the end of the year.

- Expanded sizes for the 3" TWIST tip range. Available early summer.


Milky silver in color, the advanced SWIV360 cables have the same properties as our much-loved red and blue TWIST cables PLUS an added swivel feature! Knitters have been hoping for this for years.

The cables are available for separate purchase and come with both [S] and [L] joins in nine different lengths ranging from 2", 5", 6", 8", 14", 22", 30", 37", 50" (5 cm - 125 cm). These cables are interchangeable with all of the currently available interchangeable tips and cables.



The new Forté Set. Available late fall towards the end of the year.

Includes tips that are an elegant combination of sleek stainless steel and luxurious African Blackwood. The set also boasts their new SWIV360 interchangeable cables.

Made of REACH compliant man-made material, the Forté case is just as elegant and functional as the tips and cables. It includes a double-sided, removable needle board that firmly houses all tips; elastic that securely holds but gives easy access to accessories; and four pockets to hold the rest of your knitting supplies including a spot for your pattern or notes. And, true to ChiaoGoo form, it opens book-style with a full zipper enclosure to ensure that nothing falls out.

The set includes 14 pairs of 5” (13cm) tips US2 – 15 (2.75 – 10mm) including US2.5 (3mm). Each threaded steel join is laser etched with the tip diameter and join size which will not wear off ever. Six memory-free SWIV360™ cables, steel scissors, a measuring tape, end stoppers, stitch markers, darning needles, a needle/swatch gauge and more come with the set! Plus, all Forté parts and pieces have [S] or [L] size joins so they are switchable with all of our other similarly coded interchangeable parts.

ChiaoGoo is proud to support the African Blackwood Conservation Project (ABCP), an organization committed to replanting African Blackwood and raising awareness about the international importance of the tree as well as improving the standard of living in communities where they work. They also advocate for environmental intervention in the Mt. Kilimanjaro watershed. Visit for more information.



Many knitters have asked for larger sized Shorties tips to help knit sleeves in the round. ChiaoGoo is happy to announce that individually packaged 3" (8 cm) tips will soon be available in sizes US9 - US11 (5.5 – 8 mm) including US10.75 (7 mm) and US10.875 (7.5mm). Available early summer.

An [L] Shorties set will be available this fall and will include 3" tips (no 2" tips), the SWIV360 cables, a tip sleeve and extras. The set, however, will not include the US10.75 (7 mm) or US10.875 (7.5mm) tips.

Please Note: There is no pricing information or pre-ordering available at this time. Stay tuned for updates!