Dreamz Fixed Circulars
Dreamz Fixed Circulars

Knitter's Pride Dreamz Circular Knitting Needles

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Knitter's Pride Dreamz are lightweight needles made from densified laminated birch wood. Unlike in other wooden needles, water absorption in these needles is negligible and, as a result, there is no chance of warping. The same property makes the needles very strong, enables the points to be sharp and provides a lifetime of pleasurable use, if handled correctly.

Approximate tip lengths (measured tip of needle to join of cable):

9/10 inch circulars = approx. 2 3/8 inch tips. 9/10 inch circulars available in US sizes 5, 6, 7, 8. Knitter's Pride is changing all of their packaging over to 10 inch. The 9 inch circulars we stock are approximately 10 inches in length. The packaging still says 9 inch on some sizes.

16 inch circulars = approx. 4 inch tips

All other circular lengths = approx. 5 inch tips

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